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In Loving Memory of Karam Saridar

1 July 1986 – 15 January 2024

Karam was a beloved husband, father, son and brother, cherished friend, and respected member of the Iraqi community. Known for his brilliant mind, quick wit, generous spirit and kind heart, Karam’s presence was a gift to all who knew him.

Karam’s life was marked by his deep commitment to his family and his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, which he used to drive improvement to Iraqi lives. Karam’s entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly as he pioneered Iraq’s first e-commerce platform, working tirelessly to elevate the country’s ecosystem to international standards. He has impacted countless lives through his charitable work and Trustee role with the startup incubator, Five One Labs, where he took pride in supporting young Iraqi entrepreneurs to realise their visions.

Karam’s diverse talents extended beyond his professional achievements. He enjoyed squash and golf, occasionally strumming a guitar, and tinkling on the piano in duet with his wife. He embraced life with enthusiasm and joy.

Leaving a legacy

Karam’s enduring commitment to innovation and positive systemic change remains an inspiration. His joy was most palpable in the presence of his beloved daughter, Aria, and his wife, Sahar. He is deeply missed by them, his parents, siblings, nieces, and all who had the privilege of knowing him.

In honour of Karam’s memory and to continue his legacy of kindness and giving, we invite you to make a donation to ICIN, supporting a cause close to all of our hearts. Your contributions will help continue the work he was so passionate about.

His legacy lives on through ElRyan.com, the company he founded, but most importantly through Aria, who mirrors her father’s intelligence, spirit, and warmth.

Share your memories

We invite friends, family, and acquaintances to share their memories and stories of Karam. Your reflections are a cherished part of celebrating his remarkable life.