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Patriarch Sako Congratulates ICIN


Dear Dr Faiz Tappouni (Chairman), and the respected ICIN council

Greetings in Christ.

It is with pleasure that I extend my gratitude to all the service which you have offered in the last ten years towards your brothers and sisters in need, and for the hope that you have given them. You were in true the kind Samaritan; the loving christian in word and deed…

Amidst the ordeal which many people are going through due to the economic and security situation in Iraq, you stepped in and extended a helping hand, becoming one with Christ who said ‘whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Matt 25:40).

What Jesus wants to tell us is that “ Men are equal regardless of colour, sex, ethnicity or religion”. There is only one relationship: God and man whom He considers as a brother and a relative; someone in close and loving relationship with Him. And you at ICIN are like the Samaritan in this relationship. As St Ignatius of Antioch (martyred in Rome in 107A.D) said in his epistle to the Tarsians “ The true body of Christ is the faith of the Christian people, and His blood is their love”.

What you are doing is the epitome of love which will take you to the happy ending “ Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you….” ( Matt 25:34).

I was hoping to join you on your 10th anniversary to give thanks and to celebrate your achievements, but my long travels for Iraq and the Iraqi people have exhausted me and therefore I have asked His Grace Bishop Mar Bashar Matti Warda to represent me and to convey my gratitude and love.

May the generous God bless you in your service and I wish you health and success for many years ahead.

Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako