Thousands of people have been exposed to psychological trauma and continue to endure severe symptoms including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions that impact their daily lives. Most have suffered inhumane and cruel treatments, torture, rape, kidnapping, and religious prosecution. Our programs and services cover not only IDPs, but returnees, and individuals in need of psychosocial services.

New Hope Trauma Centre of Iraq

Our great mission started as a simple idea in August 2014, then as a project blessed by Bishop Francis Kalabat in 2016, Co-founded with St Rita Hands of Hope of Michigan. With countless reasons to establish the centre and with tremendous needs, a thorough research was conducted to conclude a huge lack of mental health programs, academic and educational trainings for professionals. Well-trained clinicians in Iraq do not exist, especially those able to provide therapy in various aspects of this field.

Psychiatrist and medication are the only option available for anyone who suffers from any degree of mental illness.

Mental health services and programs are not accessible to most of the internally displaced and returnees. With this in mind, we received blessings from Bishop Mikha Maqdassy (Bishop of Alqosh), and Bishop Francis Kallabat (Bishop of St. Thomas the Apostle of Michigan U.S.A) to launch our undertaking to provide services on 1 June 2016. On 15 August 2017, we began the operation at a 2nd Centre in Teleskoof to serve the returnees. This Centre offers its services to all those who are returning to their homes with tremendous fear of their uncertainties in reestablishing their lives in peace and harmony.

Despite our Centre is in its infancy stage, we’re able to accomplish a great deal and make a difference in people lives. We hope to continue working on a larger scale by developing partnerships with other NGOs and international agencies. All programs and workshops are offered from our location the “New Hope Trauma Center of Iraq –Alqosh and we also run groups at camps where the Yazidi IDPs are placed.” Furthermore, part of our mission is to provide services in schools.


As of today, New Hope Trauma Center has served approximately 2,022 individuals through educational and support groups. There are some 108,015 individuals who can benefit from our programs, this number covers the Alqosh Diocese and the 31 surrounding villages.

Project Description

The goal and mission of “New Hope Trauma Center of Iraq” is to provide a holistic recovery to all trauma victims including kidnapping, torture, rape and violence. Our goal is to address their well-being including physical, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects.

The program is designed to provide psychological and psychosocial education and promote awareness through programs like ESL courses and Special Need Programs for Children in schools.

Our teaching integrate indirect therapy sessions. We provide mental health services to those who are psychologically traumatized and in need of psychiatric care. The program also provides a healing environment that is safe, secure, and confidential. Our expert clinicians have trained at Harvard Medical School, specialists in Global Mental Health:Trauma and Recovery. They oversee and administer the program.

In 2017 B.R.H.A (Board of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs in Duhok reported that the total number of camps have increased from 18 to 27 IDP camps. The total number of IDP and general population in need of psychological assistance to benefit from our services is approximately 18,649 families, totals to 3,557,809 individuals. This number includes Alqosh and its surrounding areas.

Staffing & Funding:

Presently, we underpay our employees below market rates to other NGOs under the understanding that salaries will be soon adjusted, otherwise our trained personnel will seek external opportunities at the market rates for Iraq.

Our staff run both branches to include the below listed services, through psychosocial support programs, ESL for adults and other special programs for special needs children, involving teachers and parents. Funding and professional support is crucial to continue our mission.

Our services include but not limited to the following programs:

1. The Trauma Tree Recover Groups
2. Displacement of Children Program in Nineveh
3. Survivors of ISIS Yazidi (Women & Young girls) Support program
4. The Road to Healing from PTSD Program
5. Positive Discipline Parenting workshop
6. (GBV) & (SGBV) & Women Empowerment Support group
7. Grief with Hope Group Therapy
8. Embracing life Support Group
9. Building Resilience Support Group
10. Suicide Prevention and Support program
11. Adolescences & Anger Management
12. Healing Environment Activities
13. Trainings for school teachers and parent
14. Tree of strength groups (Healthy coping skills)
15. Crisis intervention
16. Your Resilience Journey Program
17. Confidence and self-Esteem for Adolescences
Phase II of the Program: Future (Next 5 yrs) services include:
1. Psychiatric Assessments by a specialized Trauma Therapists Psychiatric evaluations & Psychiatric Medication
2. Individual, Family & Children Adolescence Therapy
3. Recreational activities, (Art/Dance Therapy & Journal writing workshops)
4. Educational/ Training Workshops for professional

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