Maryamana Hospital in Erbil

& The Critical Medical Aid Project



 Maryamana Hospital 

Founded in 2020 by the Chaldean Church in Iraq with  local and international partnerships, the hospital is a non-profit organisation leading the improvement of health care throughout Iraq.

Click here for a short video of the opening and consecration ceremony by the Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil, Bashar Matti Warda.



 Critical Medical Care Project

This ICIN project aims to help the internally displaced people (IDPs), refugees, and the elderly of all faiths and ethnicities who are seriously ill and cannot afford medical costs or surgery.  It supports the work of the Critical Medical teams in private hospitals, the cost of which is unaffordable to many.

The project started in 2019 with patients  being treated in different hospitals inside or outside Iraq, depending on the medical case, awaiting the completion of  Maryamana Hospital  where all new eligible patients are expected to be admitted and treated.

It is expected that with enough financial support the Maryamana Hospital, which is now open, would be able to serve and treat these special groups of patients with discounts of up to 60%.

The patients will benefit from the best medical care  from top physicians, surgeons, nursing staff and from the pastoral care of a Catholic Hospital.

ICIN is helping with $15,000 per annum, working with Fr Shwan of the Chaldean Diocese who is currently responsible for this project.


Below is a summary report showing  numbers and details of the cases which benefited from our 2019 contribution.