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Here are some of the many ways you can get involved with Iraqi Christians In Need’s work and help us support the persecuted and suffering Iraqi Christians.

You can make a personal contribution, raise money for us, promote awareness of the persecution and oppression millions of Christians suffer – and don’t forget the power of prayer!

Regular Giving

Setting up a standing order helps us immensely with our work, particularly the ongoing education of displaced children and support for widows. For further information, please visit our donations page.


You can get together with family, friends or your social networks to organise a fundraising event for Iraqi Christians in Need?

We welcome your ideas and can provide support by publicising the event and helping you with sponsorship forms, posters and fundraising guidelines to get you started.

Please contact us if you are holding a fundraising event for us. If you would like someone from Iraqi Christians in Need to come to your event, please let us know.

Also, please remember to let us know in advance about your event so that we can publish it on our website for visitors to this site to find out more about what you are doing to help persecuted Iraqi Christians.

Your Time

We welcome any time that you can donate towards the work of ICIN, whether you would like to become an ICIN representative in your parish, local schools, or in your community we need your help to raise awareness of the persecution and suffering that Iraqi Christians continue to endure.

If you would like to become a representative for ICIN, please contact us.

From time to time ICIN also needs volunteers to help out at fundraising events. If you think you can offer us your time a few times a year, please contact us.

Stay in Touch, Tell a Friend

]On this site, you can keep up to date with our latest news and events. Please check our website regularly and subscribe to our Twitter feed or Facebook page. This will allow us to keep you informed of our latest projects and events in a way that is convenient for you.

The suffering and displacement of Iraqi Christians is not front page news, but it is an ongoing problem. By sharing this website and our information with friends, colleagues and your community, you will help the plight to persecuted Iraqi Christians.