Free for All Ethnicities and Faiths

Bait Anya: Hostel for the Disabled and Marginalised



Bait Anya (Bethany) hostel is a project close to our hearts at ICIN, one which we have been able to support several times in the last 13 years. This year (2020) we contributed $15,000 to the hostel’s need for food, drink, fuel, hygiene products, medications and medical services. The hostel also helps poor families in Baghdad when possible.

Last year, the hostel relocated to a new building which was provided by the Iraqi government. With some refurbishments and the incorporation of additional facilities for the disabled, the hostel has been able to provide better service to its residents. The team is hopeful that more improvements will ensue and that they will continue to fulfil the hostel’s aim: to give hope and restore the dignity of the residents.

The current number of male and female residents is 62: 37 Christians, 22 Muslims and 3 Mandaeans.


To read more about the history of Bait Anya visit our Project page.


Below is the latest report (in Arabic) received from the manager and a few photos showing life in the hostel.