Current events

The school of ‘Our Lady of Carmel was established in Amman for Iraqi Christian refugees, since the Jordanian government does not accept Iraqi  children in their schools. The Latin school directorate took the decision to set up a special school for them, with the blessing of the apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem. They provided premises and its facilities and ICIN took the initiative to be one of the first supporters and major donors.

The educational program started on 25. 9. 2018 with 325 students covering grades 1-10. All students were provided with books, stationary and uniform free of Charge. They receive lessons in English, Maths, sciences, IT, Arabic, Religious Education, General Culture, Sports, Music and Art. The main subjects taught in English. The teaching is given in two semesters at the end of which they sit an exam. When they finish they are given a certificate officially recognised by the Latin Patriarchate Schools Directorship.

The school is directed by father Wisam Mansoor and run by an Iraqi principle volunteer, Sana Bekki. The teaching staff are chosen from qualified Iraqi refugees, which give them the opportunity of financial support.

The school has been going on successfully through out the last three years and during Covid 19 pandemic, teaching continued effectively online. The fourth year is going on now in the premises.

Previous events

This project caters for urgent necessities of Iraqi refugees in Amman.