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Missed our latest cultural evening? find the recording


Despite the technical difficulties experienced on the day we were treated to an informative and engaging talk by professor Sebastian Brock.

Unfortunately we had to cut out the introduction by  Dr. Suha Rassam  that you can still read here

      ICIN would like to thank Dr. Mushtaaq Matloob for running the Zoom meeting and providing the link

 To watch  the full talk.

click here



We are delighted to continue our cultural evenings 

with a Virtual Zoom talk


The Arameans and their Cultural Heritage


Sebastian Brock

Emeritus Reader in Syriac Studies Oxford University


Date: 11-05-2022

Time: 7:00 pm GMT



 Sebastian Brock is a world authority in Aramaic studies especially in its Syriac dialect. He is the author, editor and translator of numerous books and publications: The Luminous Eye: the Spiritual World View of St Ephrem, and editor of the three-volume The Hidden Pearl: the Syrian Orthodox Church and its Ancient Aramaic Heritage. He has made a number of translations from Syriac, including St Ephrem, Hymns on Paradise,  Bride of Light: Hymns on Mary from the Syriac Churches, and Treasure-House of Mysteries: Explorations of the Sacred Text through Poetry in the Syriac Tradition.

He will present a 45 min talk after which he will take questions.

This is a free event, donations are welcome