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Missed our last Cultural Evening ?!

Watch the Talk by Prof. Raik A. Jarjis



“From Mosul to Oxford”

Follow the link to watch the talk.


This is a Past Event



We are delighted to announce our second cultural evening for 2021


Prof. Raik A. Jarjis 

Founding Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Knowledge Consultants &

former founding director of Science and Cultural Development at the University of Oxford


Date: 4th of August 2021

Time: 7:00 pm GMT


Prof. Raik Jarjis grew up in Mosul ( Iraq) and studied physics at the University of Mosul. He left to the UK on a scholarship by the Iraqi government to pursue post-graduate research in nuclear physics. He subsequently held positions at several UK universities and institutions and was the UK delegation on the management committee for the European Commission science and cultural heritage programme.

He is also recognised for developing  a new research field at the University of Oxford encompassing science, art, archaeology, and conservation. 

In addition, professor Jarjis is an editor/writer responsible for producing the recent magazine “Mesopotamia”.


He will present an illustrated talk about the root and outcome of his search for holistic knowledge with reference to Mosul and Oxford, citing examples from his work on Iraqi archaeology and history of development of paper and ink for manuscripts.


His talk will last for 45 min followed by questions from the audience.