Cultural Evening – Art Talk : A Monument to Freedom in Baghdad

A talk by Dr Ahmed Naji




Presents its fourth cultural evening
A Monument to Freedom in Baghdad
A talk by
Dr Ahmed Naji
Author of Under the Palm Trees: Modern Iraqi Art with Mohamed Makiya and Jewad Selim


Wednesday 29 January 2020 – 7:15pm
Holy Trinity Church Hall, 41 Brook Green, London W6 7BLFollowed by Refreshments and book sale and signing
All revenue from sold books at the event will be donated to ICINAhmed Naji is an independent researcher and cultural consultant specialising in modern and contemporary Iraqi art. Naji focuses on research and documentation of public art, museum and private collections, and related literature from articles to catalogues and books. For more info, please click hereA glass of wine or soft drink will be served after the performance
Tickets at £15 per person, please purchase on line at

Or call Dr Issam Rassam on 07831692992 or Dr Ziyad Rassam on 07944955215

No paper tickets will be issued for this event; names will be checked at the door.

We look forward to seeing you on the night