The archbishop of Baghdad tells the turbulent everyday life of the Christians living in Iraq. After having been manipulated by the dictatorship for a long time, they are oppressed by violence and today they are the most affected by the situation in the post-Saddam era. Hurt and unable to go on, they can’t recognize themselves in their own country anymore. This is an uncompromising account.

Released from tyranny, Iraq sinks quickly into violence. With a repressive secular regime gone insecurities succeed. The hope of freedom is lost in anarchy which led to blind terrorism, cruel assassinations, attacks targeting mosques and churches, public places and markets, by forces from inside and outside the country.

Among Iraqis the Christians live a true drama: wrongly accused by the extremists to be the boot of the American occupation several thousands of them are confronted with the exile and with death. The others are silenced.

This book testifies to their uncertainties and of their suffering. It stigmatizes ( may be better substituted for ‘explains’ the ” Dhimma ”, this perverse submission of non Muslims in a country of Islam to be given simply the right to live on their land. It analyzes in-depth the religious, historical and social causes of their disenchantment by reminding us of the considerable and old Christianity in this land which has been totally forgotten.

The Christians of Iraq, desperate, do not recognize themselves any more in their own country. A vibrating call for national reconciliation and self-determination.

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