Christianity in Iraq, 3rd Edition, by Dr Suha Rassam

Few people in the West are aware of Christianity’s vibrant past in this region, or of the fact that Christianity has continued to be a significant cultural and religious presence in Iraq right up to the present day. This book helps us explore the ancient heritage while shedding much needed light on the present dire situation for Christians in Iraq, under occupation and transitional rule through to the present day. It is essential reading for all those in the West who are concerned for the future of Iraq and its people.


The American Granddaughter, by Inaam Kachachi

This is a riveting story about an American woman of Iraqi Christian origin who comes with the Americans as a translator. She meets her grandmother who was still in Baghdad and the story demonstrates the clash between the two generations in their understanding of ethics and belonging.


Inside the Iraqi Hell, by Msgr Jean Sleiman

The archbishop of Baghdad tells the turbulent everyday life of the Christians living in Iraq. After having been manipulated by the dictatorship for a long time, they are oppressed by violence and today they are the most affected by the situation in the post-Saddam era. Hurt and unable to go on, they can’t recognize themselves in their own country anymore. This is an uncompromising account.


Canon Andrew White

A collection of books about Iraq and the Iraqi people, by Canon Andrew White.


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