The difficulties faced by our Christian brothers and sisters in Northern Iraq and Jordan continue and during the year ended 31 March 2017, ICIN distributed just under £193,500 to the various projects listed below:


ICIN’s donations over the year ended 31 March 2016 include:

  • £25,700 for assistance with costs of students’ education in Baghdad who otherwise would go without;
  • £32,250 to Bait Anya Hostel looking after the destitute in Baghdad
  • £25,050 towards rents of Al-Karma housing project for refugees in Erbil
  • £38,400 to fund costs of Marka School for educating children of Iraqi refugees in Amman, Jordan;
  • £7,100 for the relief of hardship faced by Iraqi Christians in Jordan who fled persecution;
  • £20,730 to St Joseph’s Medical Clinic in Erbil to provide to all in need, irrespective of faith or creed, with medical and healthcare needs;
  • £7,825 towards Emergency Surgical treatment for refugees in Erbil;
  • £18,900 to meet travel, subsistence and accommodation needs of 20 refugee students at University of Kirkuk;
  • £9,660 to Mahabba & Farah Group for the care and training of people with special needs at its care centre in Erbil;
  • £7,860 to Myrrh Bearers Fraternity, lay-women who care for the poor in Erbil.


ICIN’s public support during the financial year to 31st March 2017 has continued though at a lower level than the previous two years.

2017 – £178,997
2016 – £216,310
2015 – £344,894
2014 – £77,173
2013 – £96,186
2012 – £98,628

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