Current Projects in Northern Iraq, Baghdad, and Jordan

After the tragic events in Mosul and the Nineveh Plain, new projects were setup to cope with the displacement of thousands of families to Erbil, in addition to existing programmes. ICIN continues support as noted below.

ICIN is active in Baghdad and Northern Iraq and in close contact with its local action groups and the church hierarchy. Furthermore, ICIN supports IDPs in Jordan.

The Sodality of Mahaba & Farah Carers

(Now operates from Erbil)

Set up in 1986 under the auspices of the local Chaldean church, this organisation grew from its initial group of 3 dedicated lay Christians in Mosul to over 27 groups spread throughout Iraq including Baghdad, Basra and Erbil. Each group is responsible for providing care and support for the mentally challenged and consists of:

  • A non-residential specialist care offered to those living at home with parents but whose need of care is beyond the capability of their families.
  • A residential home in Mosul set up in the year 2000 which provides care for those who have lost their parents or who are too ill to be looked after at home.

The Myrrh Bearers Confraternity, Qaraqosh, Northern Iraq

(Now operates in Erbil)

Consecrated lay women have taken upon themselves to help the poor and the marginalized families forced to abandon their homes and seek refuge in the north of Iraq. Some of them are widows with young children while others are poor inhabitants from surrounding villages.

Greatest care is given to those with the greatest needs such as families with sick and severely disabled members.

ICIN started supporting this project in early 2012 and it receives regular progress reports about the current work of the association.

Student Programme in Kirkuk

ICIN supports internally-displaced University students for their travel, subsistance and accommodation cost.

After fleeing Mosul to Erbil, these students were forced to leave their families in Erbil for a chance to continue their higher education at Kirkuk University.

Baghdad Educational Support Programme

This programme supports students at different stages of their education, from primary school to university level.

During the current academic year, ICIN supports 41 students who have either lost a parent or their parents are simply unable to provide for their education. Without ICIN’s financial support, they would not be able to continue their schooling.

The project is run by a group of lay people together with the parish priest of the Church of Mar Georges in Baghdad.

Regular progress reports are provided by the project supervisors.

Jordan Educational Aid Programme - Marka School

This programme is aimed at helping needy students of refugee families in Jordan who often face added difficulties with their studies because of displacement.

Presently ICIN supports 60 students a year at different stages of schooling. Regular visits by a member of the Charity to Jordan, periodic reports from the supervisor and the outstanding dedication of Fr Khalil Jaar ensures the programme achieves its target.

Sometimes, ICIN supports the children of parents who, by law, are denied employment. The UNHCR provides them with a monthly allowance barely enough to pay their rent; what remains is often not enough for their sustenance. ICIN amongst other charities helps with food parcels and school fees.



With the recent liberation of the Christian villages, many families are starting to return. ICIN has established a fund to help the reconstruction programme. More detail will be published as progress is made.


St Joseph's Clinic for the IDPs, Ankawa-Erbil

The need to start clinics to provide first aid became a paramount necessity from the first weeks of the Mosul Crisis.

St Joseph’s Clinic started in a 3m x 3m room in the grounds of St. Joseph’s Cathedral. As early as August 2014 with a number of physicians and pharmacists, most of whom refugees themselves volunteered help.

With the assistance of non-governmental and church organizations the clinic has expanded and is still operating today.

ICIN continues its support for St Joseph’s Clinic, being the only centre in Erbil city that dispenses chronic medications for IDPs.


Al Karma Housing Complex

This project is for payment of rents to accommodate 300 displaced families in Erbil who escaped Mosul and the surrounding region.

Medical Aid in Baghdad

Working through a Dominican priest in Baghdad, ICIN provides financial aid towards medical expenses of various individuals who, otherwise, are unable to pay for medicines and basic health needs. Reports with names and condition of recipients are regularly sent to ICIN’s projects committee.

Bait Anya Hostel for the sick and marginalised in Baghdad

The hostel gives support and hope to those suffering from a disability, providing them with free accommodation, food and health care, regardless of race and religion.

The hostel first opened in 2000 receiving 4 women, by 2011 and despite reaching its capacity of 50 guests, the hostel continues to receive requests from elderly displaced and destitute women.


Amman Refugee Relief

This project caters for urgent necessities of Iraqi refugees in Amman.

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